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Hi there!

Thank you for your interest! I'm glad you are here!

This is me and my better half.

Let me say a few words about us, so you could get a better idea about who we are and what we are up to.

If you are more curious about your session details you can skip this part and go straight to our FAQ page.

First and foremost we are kids and family photography team, but I think you've already figured it out :)

We reside in beautiful NOVA (DC area), and we looove this place!

We are an outdoor kind of guys;

We love all things nature;

We are hopeless animal lovers;

We have a Chihuahua called Mocha (and yes, we love coffee that much ;)

We love long road trips and new destinations;

We love traveling more than anything… well, maybe except for taking pictures;

Seeing new places and living an active lifestyle is paramount for us;

We love Ethiopian food;

We love street live music;

We love sunrises over the ocean;

We love camping and sleeping in a tent;

We’ve been together for 25 years;

We shot weddings for 7 years before we decided that family and kids photography fits our vision and our lifestyle better.

I caught the photography bug in 1986 when I got my first camera. It was all manual, film Zenith, and for me, it was the best camera in the world! Still can remember the smell of the chemicals I used to develop the film and the prints. And I still have those films stored in the box somewhere.

I’ve always loved photographs. Their inherent way of freezing a moment in time. The moment that we never get to relive again. That’s why I think family photography is so important. Our little ones are only little for a short period of time. And the photographs allow us to remember them the way they are in this moment. We want to document those moments for your family that showcase who you are and your love for one another. Those real, raw, tangible moments that are uniquely yours.

Please see our work and if it resonates with you shoot me an email at sergey@gogolevphotography.com, or via the Contact page.

Follow my personal Instagram account to learn more about us, and our business account to see our work.

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